Potty train your Labradoodle

The best and easiest way to potty train your Labradoodle is by using the crates. At first, it may look harsh and unfair to use the crate but there’s no other effective ways for this problem. Your feeling that it’s unfair and harsh will also soon vanish when he starts eliminating anywhere in your home. And by the way you are not going to put him in the crate forever. It’s until he finally learns that.

Labradoodle training with crates for potty is useful because they are den animals and they will be happy when they will get their own den. A den means the place for eating, sleeping and doing most of the activities. They are conscious not to make their den dirty and this is key point why we use crates to potty train them.

So now you are willing to use the crates. Okay then buy the right size of crate for your labradoodle so that he can adjust well even when grows into adult. Put a towel or blanket in the crates for making the crate more comfortable.

After making the crate suitable and comfortable you need to introduce your labradoodle to his crate in exciting way by putting his food in the crate and rewarding him whenever you find him in the crate. This makes him feel that good things happen when he’s in the crate. Thus when he will be enjoying his time in the crates, it will be easy for you to know the timings of his elimination period.

As I already said that dogs have tendency to keep their den clean and tidy, they will just come out of the crate when he wants to eliminate. So with a puppy labradoodle, he will whine or struggle when he needs to do his business. This way you can prevent him doing his business inside and after knowing the timings you can make the routine for him for his eliminating time.

You will find a similar pattern with his elimination like he’s eliminating after waking up from a nap, eating a lot, after having lot of excitement and so on. Along with crate training, if you take him for a walk in the morning and let him spend some time outside in the evening, he will get time to eliminate and will also make a specific or regular spot for doing it. Labradoodle training will be easy if the potty training is done with crates.


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